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  • Teaches the A-Z of Digital Marketing
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  • MRR enables you to sell it as your own!

Program Details

  • Over 230 lessons
  • Study at your own pace
  • 15,000+ community members and growing
  • Live sessions with experts
  • Master Resale Rights licensing agreement, enabling you to sell this course as your own!
  • Step-by-step walkthroughs in building an online business

This program is for....

Side hustlers and affiliate marketers

who are sick of grinding for little to no commission

Budding Entrepreneurs who are ready to take their skills and capability to a new level

Tired parents who want to find more passive ways to provide for their family


In less than 3 days I was able to build and publish my online business, all thanks to the strategy taught in

the Roadmap

WHAT BUSINESS MANAGEMENT skills will you aquire?

  • Sell While You Sleep Discover the automated system entrepreneurs like you are using to set it and forget it and sell while you sleep.
  • Branding and Email Literacy Branding is more than getting new headshots. You'll learn why setting yourself apart and 'niching'down' are essential for success online.
  • Master SEO (finally) making content or ads that never see the light of day? This course will arm you with a solid foundation of Search Engine Optimization to ensure maximum visibility for you and/or your business in the online space
  • Master Resell Rights 'Master Resell Rights' isn't just a trending hashtag, it's the key to true scalable profits. It means that on Day 1, you can download all of the course videos and assets, package them as your own, and sell them for 100% profit. You keep every penny.


MODULE 1: Introduction to digital marketing

Module 1 introduces students to the large scale online business equation, everything from it's rich history to your rich future. You'll learn about core business principles like the importance of your mission, vision, values, audience, branding, and more!

MODULE 2: How to build your own branded sales process

The sales funnel is the core component of any thriving online business. This module will explore how automating and optimizing your sales process can leave you with less work and more profit. You'll learn small things like creating branded assets for your course to mastering the platforms needed to convert your leads into customers.

MODULE 3: Email Marketing

Most courses only teach you how to sign up for an email service provider. Not this course. The Roadmap not only walks you through step-by-step on how to set up and optimize your email system, but also how to draft, schedule, send, and measure all email activity. This is the secret sauce in enabling you to sell while you sleep.

MODULE 4: Branding Expansion

Building a brand is more than just taking brand deals and updating your profile photo. Here you'll learn the essentials to not only build a fool-proof marketing plan, but also how to lock down your target audience and learn to speak their language.

MODULE 5: Content Strategies for Social Media Channels

Don't want to show your face on social media? This module will get you ready and chomping at the bit to record content that converts. I actually learned more in this lesson than my 12+ years in content creation. So, devour it and get ready to get recording.

MODULE 6: SEO + Blogging

This will lay a foundation of SEO knowledge for you to build off of in your site design, data, and decisions. As one of the most updated additions to the course, this module is still growing in value!

MODULE 7: Success Mindset

What version of you needs to come forth to make your dreams a reality? (Spoiler, they already exist) Join us in calling on your inner marketing machine to achieve things you never thought possible.

MODULE 8: Platforms to market on

Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, all never ending troves of potential buyers for you to target and convert to customers. Learn how to take advantage of these platforms to maximize your sales and grow your business to record heights.

MODULE 9: Business Tools

You don't need to be a professional graphic designer or AI guru to make a difference in your online business. Today, there are tools that help you accomplish just about anything in your business and this module will show you the ones with the most impact, from Figma and Notion, to Canva and OpenAi...

MODULE 10: Passion Building

Not sure what you want to sell? we got you. This course will help you identify the niche you can lean into- to turn your passion into profits.


Master Resell Rights isn't just a trendng hashtag, it's the key to true scaleable profits. It means that on DAY 1, you can download all of the course videos and assets, package them as your own, and sell them for 100% profit. That is an Affiliate Marketing cheat code if you ask me!


"I'm a busy working mom of 3 little ones, a speech pathologist by day and a burnt out net work marker to her by nights and weekends. After five years of trying to build my network marketing business, I realized I wanted some thing that gave me true control over my time and 100% earnings rather than just a fraction of commissions.

One month ago I started my digital marketing business and within my first eight days I made $1500, my progress has slowed, but I am building up my email for now, and I now have three digital products in my arsenal. I loved how easy this course was to follow and ot taught me all the steps to get my digital marketing business up and running! I can't wait to see how this course helps more and more people!"

Dani Carpenter



"For about three years I had been sitting on a business idea that I had no clue how to bring

to life. I'm a technical recruiter by day, and whether it's

interview prep, resume reviews, or pulling back the curtain between recruiter and candidate, I wanted to give people that "AH-HA!" moment.

The Roadmap laid out everything and gave me clear cut steps, along with tutorials on how to set everything up. Don't get me wrong, I hesitated. I attended Instagram lives and talked to other people who had taken the course as well and

eventually I ran out of excuses not to do it. Since then I've branded a consulting and career therapy platform specifically focused on helping women advance in their career."

Kelly Kutzavitch





The Framework to making a passive income online

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